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Systems performance studies the performance of computing systems, including all physical components and the full software stack to help you find performance wins for your application and kernel. However, most of us are not performance or kernel engineers, and have limited time to study this topic. This talk summarizes the topic for everyone, touring six important areas: observability tools, methodologies, benchmarking, profiling, tracing, and tuning. Included are recipes for Linux performance analysis and tuning (using vmstat, mpstat, iostat, etc), overviews of complex areas including profiling (perf_events) and tracing (ftrace, bcc/BPF, and bpftrace/BPF), advice about what is and isn't important to learn, and case studies to see how it is applied. This talk is aimed at everyone: developers, operations, sysadmins, etc, and in any environment running Linux, bare metal or the cloud.


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