Spatial Indexing for Datomic using Clojure

Datomic is an interesting new database that attempts to bring much of the benefits of functional programming to the database arena, with a focus on immutability. Datomic separates out the traditional tasks of a database allowing rich queries to be performed at the application level. In this talk attendees will learn about how this ability, along with the functional aspects, make Datomic an attractive option for storing spatial data (coordinates, polygons, etc.). Efficiently querying spatial data requires some form of spatial indexing. I will show how I leveraged the ability for Datomic to describe arbitrary data structures and wrote a spatial indexer for Datomic in Datomic (and Clojure) it’s self. I will provide a short walk through of the implementation, describing the algorithms and techniques used, including R-Trees and Hilbert Curves.


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