Reading the Typed TEA Leaves: A comparison of Elm and Halogen

The redux architecture seems to have really won over the React community, which is awesome to see because it was inspired by a purely functional, typesafe language called Elm.

This talk will quickly look at ‘The Elm Architecture’ (TEA) and explain why the shape of the architecture works so well to create purely functional HTML UIs. This language / architecture has been very popular with JS devs and is worthwhile taking a peek at this typesafe thing that is capturing the attention of mainstream developers.

TEA is limited by it’s intentional anti-modularisation of the program state and update commands. The bulk of this talk will look at a purescript library called Halogen and how it takes TEA to a modular and typesafe state with components only having localised state and communicate only via explicit messages sent between components.

This intention of this talk is not to posture one as better than the other, but to talk about the shapes of each and why one or both may be worth your interest. Even if neither quite work for your use cases, it is still very useful to understand where people are pushing the bounds of typesafe SPAs.

Attendee Requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Laptop w Pre-requisite software installed (will be provided)


Target Audience


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