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I've been writing Haskell at Arbor Networks for about a year now, and while there are certainly a ton of benefits on the technical side, and a lot of interesting concepts, some of the most profound (and least discussed) impacts of Haskell occur on the personal and team levels.

This is a talk about what I've learned about the human side of Haskell over the passed year. It touches on

  • How it makes it easier to think through problems and express yourself.
  • How it facilitates clear communication within teams.
  • How it allows for more agile decision making.
  • How it makes good practices the easy and natural thing to do
  • Some of the challenges and negative impacts it has.

It may be of interest to anyone curious about what Haskell is like as a full-time, production language at a commercial company, or to people who are interested in a viewpoint beyond or other than a technical one.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

A talk, followed by Q&A if time permits.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will gain insight into the experience and challenges that my team and I have gone through in our year of using Haskell.

This may help them with their own journey to using Haskell in a production environment, or in deciding whether it's the right choice for them and their team.

Target Audience

People who are curious about Haskell, or who want to know what it's like in a commercial, production environment.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some programming experience is useful, but not required.

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