Connecting the dots - building and structuring a functional application in Scala

location_city Online schedule May 5th 02:20 - 02:50 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

Functional programming relies on building programs from orthogonal, composable blocks. That's likely one of the reasons why full-blown application frameworks haven't gained much traction in the functional ecosystem.

However, we still need to structure our code and wire up our applications in a way that lets us keep them modular, testable and simply pleasant to work with - in this talk, we will learn how to do just that!

In this talk, we will walk through the architecture design and testing setup for a functional app on the Typelevel stack that integrates with several third-party services to process data in a streaming fashion, and expose its results to downstream clients.


Target Audience

People vaguely familiar with functional Scala, who want to learn how to structure their applications

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some exposure to IO monads (Cats Effect / ZIO / Haskell / Monix) would be perfect, but not necessary - if you want, you can get an introduction with some google-fu or read some of this:

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