Modern Testing: Testing the hard stuff (Brisbane)

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YOW! presents two great talks on testing today's complex software, from experts in the field.

Microservices: Test Smarter, not Harder - Beth Skurrie

Microservices have become mainstream now. Writing and deploying small, independent services has many benefits, but on the downside, it increases the number of integration points, which increases the amount of integration testing required. How can we be confident that all our services will work correctly together, without being burdened by increasingly complex and brittle integration tests? Learn how Pact solves this problem by using consumer driven contracts, allowing you to escape Integration Testing Hell and ship your code with speed and confidence.

Taming the Beast: Automated Testing for Complex Data Pipelines - Trish Khoo

Massive datasets. Complex data pipelines. Machine learning. When faced with such a beast, how do you test it effectively? When your tests results are less "pass" and "fail", and more "sort of" and "not really", how do you automate testing?

Trish Khoo draws upon her experience in testing complex data systems to demonstrate proven strategies for testing in this field. Her experience working on ultra-large-scale systems at Google in Mountain View, California shaped her technical approach to testing which she applies in her work as a consultant today.


Target Audience

developers, Technical leads and Architects, programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners


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