Unlocking the secrets in your DNA using Machine learning and Cloud-computing (Melbourne)

location_city Sydney schedule Apr 2nd 05:00 - 06:00 PM AEDT place Grand Ball Room 1 shopping_cart Reserve Seat

Genomic produces more data than Astronomy, twitter, and YouTube combined, having caused research in this discipline to leapfrog to the forefront of cloud technology. Dr. Denis Bauer provides an insider’s view into the development of a Spark-based machine learning framework that is able to find disease genes in the 3 billion letters of the genome. She will also cover serverless, which is pitted to become a $8 Billion market for its ability to accelerate software development, akin to how pre-fabrication has sped up the construction sector over bricklaying. Her serverless “search engine for the genome” enables researchers to use genome engineering for next-generation medicines.


Target Audience

Developers, Technical leads and Architects, programmers and testers interested in the Data space


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