Living Live in Big Data – Vector Programming and Visual Analytics

location_city Singapore schedule Sep 8th 04:55 - 05:45 PM +08 place Grand Ball Room 1 people 94 Interested

And Now For Something Completely Different?

What do stock ticker feeds, web click streams, micropayments, online games, smart meters, and sensors on a formula one race car have in common? They all need to compute over and visualize large volumes of time series data. In this talk how one can interactively explore and visualize massive data sets using a vector functional programming.

Vector languages are heavily used in finance for the analysis of stock market data. They have inspired array capabilities in other languages, such as R, MatLab, Python NumPy, and Pandas. Vector languages and runtimes enable rapid interactive development of concise and efficient applications. Vectors are a natural low impedance abstraction for dealing with high-performance column stores. We introduce the key concepts of vector programming, applicative style, and idioms of FP. We then illustrate their use on typical data science problems exploring large data sets using visual analytics.

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