Team change is inevitable, especially when your company is hiring like crazy and doubling in size. Your teams might grow and split. 20 people might arrive in one day. What feels like “tectonic shifts” happen as you morph structurally in an attempt to refocus work and people. How can we bring a humanistic stance to this dynamic reteaming? How can the people be empowered to own their own team changes? How do you integrate the new people in without losing your sense of “culture?” We will explore questions like these with an interactive format. Along the way, I’ll share case studies from 3 successful startups I’ve been a part for nearly 20 years.


Learning Outcome

  • Learn patterns of team change including: isolation, one by one, grow and split, and load balancing.
  • Experience what it’s like to let people choose their own teams.
  • Analyze your current situation with ecocycle and panarchy tools.
  • Determine a strategy for dealing with the “how do we maintain our culture” question as your company grows.
  • Analyze reteaming problem sets to determine how you would approach solving them.
  • Learn tactics to help your teams gel and get up to speed after they change.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in how to manage teams and change in growing organisations.

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