From Micro to Big Hero: Being Small is a Good Thing

Dread. And countless other choice words come to mind when you’re looking at that massive two thousand lines of code in that one function. You wouldn’t consider touching it with a ten-foot pole, but you have no choice. It has to be done. Your dread now morphs into stress. That stress multiplies when anticipating your deployment to production. Heaven forbid you have to rollback your change! Three year plans of, “let’s rewrite the entire thing” doesn’t usually work when business relies on the software to make money. So then how do you dismantle this monolith?

In this session, see how using Event Driven Architecture you can transform this monolithic mess into something clean, something small, something a lot more manageable. You can don’t have to make sweeping changes to that legacy stuff every time you need to introduce a feature. Instead write clean code completely on the outside. Break your monolith down, one micro brick at a time. It’s about time.


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