Remote working in our industry is becoming more prevalent everyday. Geography is no longer a constraint in setting up a work function in an organisation.In 2010 REA Group, together with ThoughtWorks China, set up an offshore delivery centre.This centre works extremely effectively using REA Agile processes.

I have been building remote teams in Xi’an for the past 2 1/2 years. As a Technical Lead,I have detailed hands on experience and specifics that I will share with the audience on what has worked well for us as well as what hasn’t worked so well. This case study will provide a recipe for working with remote agile teams effectively. In particular I will cover:

  • Remote team composition
  • Essential technology
  • Core practices
  • Asynchronous versus Synchronous communication
  • Common Challenges
  • Building a successful culture
  • Tips and tricks for remote working

Target Audience



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