This is the era of mobility. Application development teams in enterprise IT are gearing up to produce the mobile apps their customers require.To meet the time-to-market demands of mobile users, most mobile apps are developed using Agile and lean development processes.However, quite often, it seems testing slows down the development process and defeats the purpose of Agile development.The ever-increasing demand from the business,the diverse nature of the platforms & frequent releases of mobile operating systems make our current testing framework, designed using the traditional tools & methodologies, unfit to cope with these challenges.The big question is, how can we tackle these challenges? Should we sacrifice testing for the sake of speed? Or, should we design a test framework which will be closely integrated with the development process, providing an instant feedback on the functionality & performance of our mobile app after any new code is checked in.Here in this case study, we intend to demonstrate our test framework, designed using some commercial & open source tools, and showcase how we use this framework to test our mobile API and our app on real-time devices.

The presentation will be structured with the flow of an agile environment in mind.We will demonstrate how we tackled the challenges of mobile development by having close knit team of individuals – we call them solution engineers.We do not segregate the team depending on particular disciplines like development & testing.Testing in the team now starts before development begins.The test scenarios are drafted & the automated API tests are created.The unit & the integration tests (API tests) are executed after every code drop.Once we get the build ready, the app gets automatically installed on the real-time devices & the user interface tests are triggered.As the test pyramid suggests, we increased the test coverage in the unit & integration layer, reducing the number of user acceptance tests which run through the user interface layer & are expensive to maintain.


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