For decades, many have argued for and against Dearden’s “Myth of real-time management information” HBR 1966. At best most organizations have had only partial data, and insufficient storage and processing, limiting their ability to be a real-time enterprise. Thanks to massive compute power, memory and storage it is now finally possible for modern enterprises to capture and process the totality of their data current and past. Given they have real-time data the challenge becomes how to clean, transform, query, analyze and present this in meaningful, actionable real-time information. In this talk, we discuss the challenges of working with the real-time data deluge from sensor IoT to Big Data.

We take a brief look at the world of big data tools, event processing, and skills as they exist today. We then discuss our experience building Ivy, an interactive visual analytics environment for Thinkers. Thinkers are the key enablers for a real-time enterprise and need a capability to Think-Compute-See and actively participate in problem solutions. We discuss user requirements for acquisition, preparation and visualization and our challenges developing solutions consumable by Thinkers that are built on state of the art software technologies fast data technologies.


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