The Lean Startup approach applies the principles and practices of lean manufacturing to starting a new (potentially high growth) business, or more correctly, to the process of searching for one. Although it is often misunderstood, this approach changes significantly what startups should do to achieve success. Interestingly, it has significant implications for software developers and other product developers working in startups. This presentation and discussion will consider some of the key principles and practices behind Lean Startup and point out what it means for software developers working in startups. It is highly recommended for those working as a software developer in a startup, considering doing their own startup, or are just interested in learning about this new approach and what it means for software development. Even if you think you know about Lean Startup come along, you may be surprised.

A talk similar to this has been presented for entrepreneurs and innovators previously in Perth and London and exceptionally well received. This one is tailored especially for developers and focuses on what they really need to know about Lean Startup. It will (with out a doubt) significantly change their perspective on their role as a developer in a Lean Startup. The presenter is the organiser of the Lean Startup Perth Meetup, which is a group of startup founders (many of them technical founders) who meet regularly to investigate and put into practice Lean Startup principles and practices. The presenter is also an active developer and startup founder building a system (with others) that uses Scala and Akka for microservices on the backend, with a CQRS architecture for most of the microservies, and React / Javascript on the front-end.


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