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    Orchestration vs Choreography: Why Autonomous Systems Win at Scale

    Ian Henry
    Ian Henry
    schedule 3 weeks ago
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    45 mins

    As microservices and distributed systems become more common, real automation is harder to manage with plain old configuration management and orchestration. What we really need for these systems to be safe and operable is for our software to behave autonomously in self-coordinated ways: Less like orchestration, more like choreography. In this talk we'll demonstrate how this approach can make push-based application release automation a thing of the past. Self-coordinated approaches are the only ones that can lead to true, zero-downtime continuous deployment at scale, even for complicated topologies of interdependent microservices. The Habitat open-source project and its built-in service discovery and peer coordination for realtime configuration management shows us how we can take the drama out of release management. Expect to see real-life demos during this talk.