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Built with a microservices architecture and utilizing Docker containers, has transformed the way job processing is built and deployed. Architects and developers benefit from the microservices approach that separates components into discrete functional elements or individual services. This model reduces complexity, while increasing scalability. Smaller, more granular compute services which can be developed and deployed independently are easier to maintain, repair, and update. is language agnostic for greater flexibility when developing and deploys on any cloud or hybrid for flexibility and control of enterprise applications. When managed or hosted services are included, developers have a true serverless experience.


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    Alex Papadimoulis - DevOps for Japan

    Alex Papadimoulis
    Alex Papadimoulis
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    DevOps represents a simple idea: increase collaboration across teams while automating processes. Although the concept is relatively new to Japan, American IT organizations have been trying to implement DevOps in recent years: many have found success, while others have seen failure.

    One of main causes of failure is adopting the wrong culture. Although companies like Netflix and Etsy dominate the DevOps conversation, most enterprises do not have the same problems to solve, nor do they employee the same types of engineers. Thus simply, attempting to emulate Netflix will often yield failure.

    It’s similar in Japan; the culture of Japanese IT organizations are quite different from western companies, and attempting to emulate western DevOps practices will often result in failure and other setbacks.  Thus, in order to be successful with adopting DevOps practices, those practices must first be adapted for Japan.

    In this talk, I’ll compare and contrast the unique cultural differences in Japanese IT organizations and discuss how you can adopt DevOps practices that specifically address those.