DevOps Theory vs. Practice: A Song of Ice and TireFire

In many DevOps talks, you see a speaker from a renowned tech company stand up and describe a perfect utopia of an environment. You look at the perfect environment and dedicated hordes of senior engineers they describe, and you despair of ever getting to that point. Your environment looks nothing like that.

Surprise– their environment doesn’t really look like that either! In this talk, a speaker from an unnamed tech unicorn describes their amazing environment– and then what they just said gets translated from “thought leader” into plain English for you by an official translator. Stop feeling sad– everything is secretly terrible!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- fun part: what is said in the conferences and what that really means

- why cargo cult

- fighting the cult: what tech is not bullshit

- fighting the cult: is my team ready for a change?

Learning Outcome

how to know if the tech is just a hype?

how to know whether your team is ready for technology changes

Target Audience

Software engineers, engineering managers

schedule Submitted 10 months ago

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