As makers, we have a magic power to create something from nothing. But I have to warn you, magic can be used for good or evil. Technology can not only disrupt, it can destroy. From self-driving cars to nanobots, people are worried about their health and economic well-being.

With emerging technology, it is important to choose to build for humane experiences. Kevin Web Page champions for innovation by studying the potential impact not just on businesses, but the world. From beginners to professionals, developers will be inspired to think beyond the next product cycle and learn to create a humane experience for the present.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Audiences will learn about the latest emerging technology that can feel like magic
2. Next, we see how our magic power to create can be used for good or evil
3. Lastly, people will learn how to influence technology toward a more humane present

Learning Outcome

We will challenge the current DevOps trends and inspire builders to create more meaningful humane experiences.

Target Audience

Developers, Designers, Managers - Any attendee who creates a tech product.

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    Jan Schilt - How the Phoenix Project simulation supports DevOps mindset change

    Jan Schilt
    Jan Schilt
    GamingWorks BV
    schedule 2 months ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    We ran 100+ DevOps simulations around the world for many large organizations. Our partners did 1000+ in the last 3 years. We experienced a lot of key fail and succes factors during the DevOps journeys. We capture all the outcomes in this presentation. DevOps requires a mind shift for most of the employees. We call this a 'new way of working' in which Old Thinking and Old Doing, will be replaced by New Thinking and New Doing. This is a process of years. But with simulation we can make a real good first step in his journey.

    We will present how this new way of working looks like, and why it's so difficult to change.

    We will present how DevOps benefits from learning by doing and how to bring this new way of working a live by changing the mindset.

    We also show some real cases how large organisations like ABN AMRO, NXP, APG etc used simulations to change the mindset of the employees.

    We also will explain the management of change aspects that plays an important role during this transformation.

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    Shama Ugale - Testing your Bot!

    Shama Ugale
    Shama Ugale
    Sr. QA Consultant
    ThoughtWorks Inc
    schedule 3 months ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Chatbots are one of the most widely adopted AI/ML implementations in the business sector. A chatbot is an intelligent machine used to imitate human conversation through text and voice commands. Today bots are widely used as a personal assistant, customer service, HR, sales and marketing to name a few. In short, bots are everywhere and we rely on them to a certain extent, this makes it extremely important to assure the quality of the chatbots and test them thoroughly. They are built using NLU/NLP-Services (Natural language understanding and processing) and are subjected to constant training and improvement which has direct impact on tests. Voice based bots like Siri and Alexa depend on speech recognition technologies. As the chatbots user do not have any barriers and due to the unpredictable user’s behavior it becomes utmost difficult to verify the correctness on the output. In this talk, we will discuss how the chatbots are different as compared to the other applications and the challenges they bring onto the table while verifying their behavior, and focus on the testing strategies and automation testing of the bots.