K8s Studio an IDE for Kubernetes users.

K8s Studio Short Abstract.

1.Short Abstract:

UxxU K8s Studio is a new IDE for Kubernetes. It provides a complete workspace with a rich tool set to administrate kubernetes clusters. We use the power of data visualization to give the user a 360 degrees view of the system and an interactive workbench to easily create and manage deployments.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

K8s Studio Long Abstract.

1. Topic:

How to help kubernetes users in their work using the power of data visualization and integrated workspace.

2. Title:

Data visualization and UX applied to the Kubernetes world.

3. Motivation:

Kubernetes is a fantastic tool but still complex to use and interact with. When creating a deployment or managing a cluster it is easy to make mistakes and it is hard to see the big picture of all of the components and the different dependencies and relationships.

  1. The problem:

The problem is that today the information is fragmented. We spend our time using a gazillion number of tools and switching between different interfaces to be able to form a coherent view of what is going on in our cluster, nodes, services, deployments, etc.

  1. Study design:

Our approach at UxxU is to use the power of data visualization combined with an application workspace to give the user a complete 360 degrees view of their system and deployments. A view that is interactive and editable so the user can identify what action to take and can do it using the same interface without switching tools.

  1. Predictions and results:

What we are finding with our early adopters,

is that K8s Studio:

  • Improves usability of Kubernetes in general.
  • Reduces the learning curve for beginner users.
  • Improves decision making.
  • Reduces admin time.
  • Makes kubernetes more accessible.

  1. Conclusions:

K8s is a modern and effective solution to help all kind of kubernetes users to be more efficient in their daily activities. We expect it to have a great success.

Learning Outcome

Learning about a new tool to be more productive when using Kubernetes.

Target Audience

Kubernetes users of all levels.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing required.

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