Leading Engineers To Water: The Art, Science, and Culture of Technical Coaching

Software engineering may be difficult, but fostering a working environment that enables skilled engineers to perform their best can sometimes seem downright impossible. Every day, many engineering teams are battling a messy whirlwind of forces like unmovable deadlines, imposter syndrome, psychological safety issues, personnel/leadership conflicts, fierce technological preferences, and more. With teams more distributed all over the world than ever before, cultural differences can exacerbate many of these difficulties.

In this presentation, I’ll discuss tips, tricks, and techniques that technical leaders and managers alike can utilize to better coach engineering teams, including concepts like the definition of empathy (and, more importantly, what doesn’t count), the trust-influence relationship model, introducing new technologies in a meaningful and consumable way, and a 5-step process to provide teams confidence to own their new solutions moving forward.

** 日本語版もあります。


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction 自己紹介
  2. The Engineering Mindset 開発者の考え方について
  3. Problems Engineers Face in the Workplace (Tech problems are often people problems too!) 開発者の仕事にある問題について
  4. Purpose of a Technical Coach コーチの目的
  5. Change Agent: The Most Important Role of a Technical Coach コーチの大切なロール「Change Agent」について
  6. How to Introduce Change 「変わること」を紹介するコツ
  7. Trust-Influence Loop by Mike Cottmeyer 
  8. 5 Step Process for Problem Ownership 

Learning Outcome

After attending this talk, participants will understand the role of technical coaching and tips and tricks they can apply in their day-to-day work when mentoring engineers, whether in a management or technical leadership capacity.

Target Audience

Engineers, Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

No Prerequisites.

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