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    Fish for Thought: Hook on to the Agile mindset!

    Yogesh More
    Yogesh More
    Meenakshi Koul
    Meenakshi Koul
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    Experience Report

    While adopting the Agile methodology, one of the critical aspects of this change is the mindset change. As is said, Agile is more about the mindset than the process to be followed. If the mind adjusts the process then follows. As with other organizations adopting to Agile, and adapting to it, we too have been through this change management & transformation. The biggest transformation needed is  the agile mindset or agility in thinking & acting, and our experience has been that it takes a while to adjust to it. It needs a mindset and a cultural change in an organization to completely embrace and realize the full potential of Agile.

    How does one achieve the mindset adjustment or get this cultural change in our teams & make it a habit? How does the leadership bring about this transformation in themselves and their teams, especially the teams with prior experience working on waterfall or iterative systems. The challenge to adapt is at all levels viz. at individual, team, and at the leadership level too.

    One of the popular culture change tool and now a philosophy and training is the “FISH PHILOSOHY-Catch the Energy and Release the Potential”. In our experiments on the cultural change, we see this addressing certain aspects of ushering in the agile culture or the mindset within the teams. This is an attempt to bridge this transformation with the techniques of the Fish philosophy. The energy seen due the FISH philosophy at the work place is used as navigate this transformation and bring about the culture of Agile in thinking, then doing would follow easily.  

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