Effective "Code-branching" strategies are still one of the most ignored in Agile development world. In this talk, using case-studies, I would like to present what is wrong with traditional strategies, how it hinders teams to deliver continuously and why Trunk Based Development (TBD) is a durable solution. Furthermore, the talk aims to explore various strategies (code/dev and ops) that enable teams to attain TBD. Finally, the tealk ends with successful TBD case-studies of Facebook and Google.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Start with case studies of "smelly" commonly used branching patterns [10 mins]
2. What is Trunk Based Development (TBD) and its importance in CD [5 mins]
3. TBD strategy - Feature Toggle [5 mins]
4. TBD strategy - Branch by Abstraction [10 mins]
5. FaceBook case study [5 mins]
6. Google Case study [5 mins]
7. Wrap-up and Q&A [5 mins]

Learning Outcome

1. What is Trunk Based Development (TBD)
2. finding motivation to favour TBD, if you want to deliver continuously.
3. Various strategies to support TBD - feature toggles and branch by abstraction
4. Learning from case-studies of branching strategies in Facebook and Google
5. Scaled Trunk Based Development

Target Audience

Coaches, Developers, Architects, Techno-functional Managers

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Public Feedback

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  • Saket Bansal
    By Saket Bansal  ~  4 years ago
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    Thank you for proposing this topic, it will help all of us if you can add some case study where you have effectively implemented this in Service Environment, as you understand in India many work for clients and they do not own the product. Just see if you can incorporate case study which most of audience can relate to. 

    • Devesh Chanchlani
      By Devesh Chanchlani  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Saket

      Thanks for your valuable input. However, this experience is with an organization that owned the product though as distributed teams. Nevertheless, I would work to incorporate my examples from the case-study more elaborately and update the presentation.