This is a fast paced workshop of 90 minutes, split across 3 progressive parts/activities. The intent of the workshop is to bring out the challenges that organizations face due to their traditional structure, during their Agile adoption journey. In the workshop, we emulate such an environment and try to have a first-hand experience of the difficulties faced both at the team and managerial levels (Part A). Subsequently, we let people form their own teams which are "Autonomous". (Part B). Now, we deliver as newly formed teams. (Part C).

The final debrief revolves around importance of "Autonomous teams" in terms of quality and individual motivation.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1. Introduction & stage setting (5 mins)

2. Part A - delivering as "vertically-structured" organization (15 mins)

3. Debrief of Part A (5 mins)

4. Part B - Self-forming, Autonomous team activity (15 mins)

5. Part C - delivering as "horizontally-aligned" organization (15 mins)

6. Final Debrief (5 mins)

Learning Outcome

1. How "vertically-structured" organizations find hard to be Agile.

2. Mindset needed to begin from being "vertically-structured" to "horizontally-aligned" organization.

3. How "Autonomy in Teams" can be the best kind of intrinsic motivation.

Target Audience

Coaches, Managers, Developers

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