We live in modern times, where it would be embarassing to use an analog camera in public. I had posted the following 3 years ago on facebook:

"Another day in the life of an IT Guy .... The waiter at Paradise hotel (Hyderabad) takes an order using an android app, walks up to a medical store for a Digene... the sales guy at a medical store updates sales records through his mobile phone... gets back to office.... logs into an age old application, clicks his way across 5 hyperlinks and updates a comment field "Can I close this ticket"?"

A lot has changed in the last three years; what comes out of the developer's laptop has changed too. But what happens in his laptop has not changed much! The apps everyone uses are modern, but not those used by IT staff. The normal developer, writes the same boilerplate code again and again in each layer of software. The paradox is that he is automating the day job of someone else, but his own job is not. 

Testing and builds are the most common parts of the software development that is automated. The core of the business is still a manual process - Coding. This presentation explores the options of automating coding to the extent possible. As in any industry, reducing repeated human intervention reduces costs, definitely. But that is not the point. Imagine a shop or 200 developers working on one product with limited features, vs. all of them working either in multiple products or plumbing the depths of the one product and getting ahead of the competition. 

This session aims as sharing the experience of developing and using a cloud based code generator.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction - To see or not to see - A sneak peak into a day in the life of a developer

Acceleration - What Strategic Advantage am I able to give my developers every day

Code Generators today and or experience with them

A penny saved is a penny earned - MVP in 2 weeks!

Conclusion - Coherence pays - Bringing all your forces together


The session will be structured to include  a brief outline of the code generators available in the market and the pros and cons of using them.

It will be followed by a short demo of my code generator, dunamis and an application created using the generator. It will then be followed with some lessons learned from implementing the generator.

Learning Outcome

A fresh perspective towards automation, code generation and elimination of waste from the project lifecycle.

The key learning outcome will be that the delegate will be able to decide if he/ she/ his organization will be a candidite for code generation.

Target Audience

Architects, Developers, Business Leaders

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  • Saket Bansal
    By Saket Bansal  ~  2 years ago
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    Thanks for putting up the proposal , it will be helpful to review the talk if i get some more details on structure, it will also help if the learning outcome are more specific ...like they can apply in business directly.


    Please respond soon, we need to finalize the agenda soon.