Achieving process excellence by aligning CMMI practices with Agile

If you are an IT professional, your group has very likely shown a strong interest in reducing costs, improving quality and productivity. Your group might also have looked at various pre-packaged frameworks, such as Agile (e.g., Scrum and Extreme Programming), CMMI, and Six Sigma.  

At first glance, each of these frameworks might look at odds with each other, making it difficult to use two or more. This typically occurs because much of the information shared regarding these frameworks is from success and failure stories, rather than understanding the specifics of each framework. Each framework can be implemented successfully depending on how much care is placed on its implementation.

In this discussion we will compare CMMI and Scrum since they are two commonly used frameworks, and ones we have seen groups struggle with when using them together. Lets discuss on how we can use them effectively for process excellence.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Challenges faced by project teams

Agile & CMMI overview

Combining Agile & CMMI practices

Overcoming Practical issues  

Benefits Realized

Case Study


Learning Outcome

Process Excellence


Target Audience

CSM, CSP, Agile Practitioners, PM, PL

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