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    Empowering Scrum Teams to Reach SAFe Zone

    Alhad Akole
    Alhad Akole
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    Experience Report

    As an Agile Coach, I would like to participate and be a part of ART coach the teams who are new to Scrum, SAFe so that they are empowered to move Scrum to SAFe zone.

    Transformation Journey started with the readiness assessment of the teams. Charting of Road map with milestones to fill gaps, formation of teams, assigning certified SM and team building activities were performed for distributed teams including SM, PO. Tele-presence was used to have F2F connect between the teams. Activities were assigned to onsite and offshore teams which saw more interaction and problem solving among them. Teams were coached, educated on Scrum and SAFe lifecycle, assertive communication, agile metrics awareness and tracking of the projects.

    To make them empowered in terms of domain, technical niche skills, training sessions were conducted and mentors were assigned.

    Regular Internal trainings and certifications keeps the pool ready and up skills existing resources on regular basis.

    To have right features to go in SAFe releases, PO’s were trained on identifying the MVS (Minimum Viable Solution), Story splitting, writing good acceptance criteria’s.

    Being a program, we created weekly forum for architects, PO and SM to have their priorities finalized and funneling happening before features being taken for release planning. 

    Zensar’s best agile practices (DoD, DoR, Hardening Sprint, Grooming Sessions, Exploratory testing, Test Automation, peer reviews) helped the team make decisions on release, sprint commitments. User story sizing, task level estimates were prepared by team members without influence from PO, SM, business. We created an environment of trust ensuring the teams work on predictable commitments. We also assess the program health with the in-house Agile Maturity Assessment Tool on a regular basis.

    “Silent hour concept” was introduced to ensure the teams work without any disturbance.

    Sprint retrospectives were conducted under guidance from Agile Coach to make CI. Innovation games, what if, 5-W techniques were used towards it. 10 minute build was made possible with help from support infra, for Agile projects deployment windows increased, SLA’s redefined for agile projects. DevOps was made part of Scrum to smoothly transition to production support.

    Management executives were also trained on various views of ALM tool to track portfolios.

    With SAFe, Scrum methodology we could reap benefits of over 23 percent time saving over waterfall project; reduced UAT time, reduction in post-production defects. All this has led greater customer satisfaction.

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