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    Pushkar Pushp
    Pushkar Pushp
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    45 Mins
    1. All about creating & nurturing agility, agile mindset and agile teams in a small complex & demanding environment
    2. Factors affecting agility and agile teams where in the demands are ever-changing and mostly lack prioritisation
    3. Success & Failure Patterns of Agility in such an environment / Industry Trends / Pitfalls
    4. Traits of a leader & coach to nurture agility within small complex & demanding environment
    5. Deep dive into continuous improvement/agile practices and how to create & nurture agility in small complex & demanding environment - models
    6. Ways of creating & nurturing high performing self-organised agile team
    7. Rewarding & Recognising high performing teams / teams members in su small complex & demanding environment
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