When organisations start "doing Agile" instead of "being Agile: the command and control of the traditional methods of governance still persists. There is an obvious lack of openness and the team members just do as they are told, without knowing the importance of their work. The work is half-hearted and thus lacks any quality of purpose.

This workshop tries to introduce the concept of teamwork done in a transparent environment to produce the best quality results because each team member is contributing their own perspective in achieving the outcome,

This will be done like the Madlibs game, which is quite a lot of fun for all ages,

Participants will form small (scrum like) teams and work on tasks, and then discuss how they felt when things were just directed vs when things were transparent and they were contributors from the start of the work.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Brief introduction - 5 minutes

Participants in groups of 5-7 people get to work on a task - 10 mins

Participants in the same team work on the task with more awareness of the end goal - 10 mins

Open discussion on how the 2nd task felt more easy and satisfying.

Learning Outcome

A team which knows their overall purpose and feels empowered to contribute to the best of the abilities is happier and obviously more successful

Target Audience

All Agile practitioners who (or their organisations) might be struggling to appreciate the transparency and collaboration aspects of the Agile mindset

Prerequisites for Attendees

None - Anybody can participate and enjoy this workshop. This will be played like the Madlibs game, which is quite a lot of fun for all ages,

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