Agile in Fixed Priced Projects

Word Agile along with FPP(Fixed Price Projects) becomes one of the trending tagline, Lots of discussion we see whether Agile can/cannot be implemented in FPP(Fixed Price Projects) and we see equivocal set of people for both sets.

In Agile (particularly Scrum) if I talk about all the scrum ceremonies intent to create more of an “Inspect and Adapt” cum “Empirical” approach where the learnings of one Sprint/Milestone is implemented in the upcoming Sprint/Milestone.

Fixed Price Projects provides rigorous environment to implement Scrum as the Time and Budget is fixed and there is little to play with the scope in the Sprint/Milestone.

This discussion will be based on a case study in which a FPP was delivered in Agile with no escalations.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Agile in fixed priced projects

  1. Introduction -Agile in FPP? -Budget, Time fixed and Scope Variable. -Knock down effect.
  2. Breakdown -Estimation -Scope -Sprint-0 -Stakeholder engagement -Conclusion
  3. Estimation -Granularity -Estimation technique -Three point estimation
  4. Scope -When to freeze scope? -Estimation technique. -Three point estimation.
  5. Sprint-0 -Plan the Spikes. -Establish a robust development framework. -Establish DOR and DOD in context of the framework. -Ensure Regulatory/Organisational compliances.
  6. Stakeholder Engagement -Categorise into Required, Not-Required and Optional segments -SM to decide the ceremony attendees. -Transparency. -Metrices.
  7. Conclusion -Impediment Resolution. -No half-cooked Agile. -Prevent Agile to be a nightmare for team.

Learning Outcome

-Planning a Fixed Priced Project in Agile

-Win-Win situation with all stakeholders

-Scope Management in Agile mode

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, Program Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Scrum framework

Estimation technique/s

Release Planning

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