Hidden Connection between Productivity and Scrum Values

People are scared of the word ‘Agile’ as they think it makes the work environment over stressed.

What’s in it for me ?

Is Agile meant for all ?

Are you really Agile ?

Stress is emerging as most expensive in term of health care. Study says 60% to 80% of workplace accidents are linked to stress. High pressure work environments are only short term solution to Employee engagement. Workplace without creative freedom is unhealthy. Pressure of coping up with competition, spending long hours at work for promotion is the root cause of most of the diseases. Is there a way that you can keep your employees stress free and still get their best of efforts. Let’s put some lights on the facts.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction
  • Gamification
  • Scrum Pillars and Productivity
  • Mindmap

Learning Outcome

  • Happiness for young generation lies in their tendency to share
  • Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees
  • When a leader sets out a goal or directive, that goal can only be achieved with good monitoring, or, inspection
  • Teams that regularly inspect and adapt their processes demonstrate greater responsibility for their deliverables

Target Audience

Scrum Masters,Leaders,Managers,Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees


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