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    A Fully Packaged Geek is All You Need to be Truly Agile!

    Gayathri Naik
    Gayathri Naik
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    Good developers who are familiar with the entire stack know how to make life easier for those around them!


    Full Stack Development doesn't mean that one has to be super fluent in everything that's there in the software industry. It is about having every person in the team, cross functional and much more than just a pure developer.  A team with few full stack developers will become well balanced and will always perform its best no matter what the situations are! 

    In this session. let's focus on understanding why it is important to become full stack developers for every individuals and how it really helps them, their teams and in turn the entire organization as a whole for getting better.  We will have all this presented with our real world experiences and have an open discussion there after!


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