Raising the Bar: Being a true influential agile leader

This is a nurturing workshop for Agile Managers to become effective influential servant leaders, to support enterprise agility.

This is a workshop for Agile Managers and above to help them shed the command and control behavior and be more of a facilitator and coach for their teams. At the end of this workshop, the participants will understand and appreciate the insights and techniques of being an Agile influential leader. The participants also walk out with a concrete action plan on how they support the agile teams and organization. The whole workshop runs on the technique of asking powerful questions to the participants, thus making them think towards the path of self-discovery.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Agile Values & Principles Overview [15 min]
  • Leadership Expectations & Agile [10 min]
  • Leading the change [10 min]
  • Leadership effectiveness and style [20 min]
  • Being true agile influential leader [15 min]
  • Next Steps and Action plan [10 min]
  • Closing [10 min]

Learning Outcome

  • Understand your current state in the transition to Agile & what it takes to move forward
  • Understand how Agile supports & aligns with organization Leadership Expectations
  • Understand how you can improve your effectiveness as an Agile leader
  • Understand your current leadership style & how it aligns with Agile
  • Understand the key areas of focus for Agile leaders
  • Leave with a personal action plan of next steps

Target Audience

Managers and Senior Leaders in a Organization

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