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    From Nominal to Effective Agile: A 3 step process

    Avinash Rao
    Avinash Rao
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    Did you hear about the VP who wanted Agility but got Scrum instead?

    Developing Agility is a transformational process, which requires a gradual and deep change on multiple fronts. However, the IT industry has (for good sales and contracting reasons) presented to clients an Agile ability that is ‘on tap’ – this fundamentally means that the Agile delivered must depend on a shallow rather than a deep change.

    This session will talk about the role of crucibles and shared experiences as the key enabler to any transformation, and show how they apply in Agile transformations.  We use the example of a major US communications client to illustrate. The client adopted a quick-and-dirty approach to kick starting Agile, but progress stalled 6 months later with no lasting improvements. We present the point of view of the Agile Coach and change agent, and the 3 step process used:

    1. Surfacing current beliefs
    2. Finalizing Team Agreements
    3. Realigning words and actions

    The multi-month effort presented will show the changes from a culture of Nominal Agile to an Effective Agile culture. 

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