Topic abstract:

Packaged solutions have been the front runners of IT solutions adoption across organizations involving complex organization structure with complex solution requirements. Currently in digitized world where is a demand for fast paced time to market of solution, packaged solutions like SAP, Oracle etc. are not exception as well. There is need for Agile based approach to deliver even in this space.

Unlearning the age-old waterfall approach of gathering requirement upfront in the form of Business Blueprint Document (BBP) is the biggest challenge that the project team faces today while moving to agile based approach.

This session focused on the following key learnings:

  1. Why there has been a focus shift from waterfall to Agile in the Packaged solution world.
  2. Why does the project team face challenge in gathering requirement in smaller chunks?
  3. What are the best practices that the packaged Agile team can follow while gathering requirement.
  4. What are benefits that business would obtain by following this approach

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Outline/Structure of the Talk:

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  2. Current approach of requirement gathering in a packaged solution project (5 minutes)

Here we would discuss about waterfall-based requirement gathering in packaged world and how a Business blueprint (BBP) was prepared, why it used to take so long to get BBP signoff, what were the issues with this BBP document and how it contributed to project’s failure/ delay.

  1. Beyond 2015: Focus shifts to building and delivering solution Iteratively (5 minutes)

What happened in the digitized space that even packaged solutions started shifting its focus to Agile based approach.

  1. Main challenge in delivering solution iteratively: Gathering requirement iteratively (15 minutes)

Although there is a focus from management to shift focus to agile, still there are challenges. Biggest challenge that has been seen is changing the approach from full-fledged BBP based requirement gathering to gathering the requirement in smaller chunks.

  1. Solution: How can we help packaged solutions to gather requirement (20 minutes)

Here we would discuss about how a product backlog of a packaged solution would look like, how would the product backlog be prepared and who all would be involved, how large user stories can be broken into smaller user stories, how to go about conducting backlog grooming.

  1. Benefits: Quick win, Long term win (10 minutes)

Finally we would talk about the benefits that business can expect. Which are the approaches that can be quickly implemented, which are the approaches that may take time for implementation and would start showing benefits only in the long run.

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways for participants:

  1. Agile way of delivering for packaged solution
  2. Best practices that can be adopted by the packaged solution team
  3. Thinking out of the box while understanding business priorities and requirements

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Packaged Solution project managers/ leads, Change Enthusiasts,

Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior Agile exposure preferably either as Scrum Master or an Agile Coach. People from Package background

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