How leadership can enable Business Agility

This talk gives overview on how Leadership at different levels in an Organization can set tone for Business Agility. Agile coach can mentor leaderdership to be key change agent for Business Agility


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Why Business Agility
  • Organization Structure is Important
  • CXO Leaders - Take baby steps - one at a time
  • Vertical / Business Heads - Enable and Smoothen the road
  • General Management - Implement and show benefits of Agile
  • Agile Coach as a Magician
  • Stages of Transformation
  • QnA

Learning Outcome

How leadership can uphold and follow Agile values

Set of Actions for leadership at CXO level and Vertical heads to build Agile Culture

Target Audience

For agile enthusiast on transformation journey

Prerequisites for Attendees


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