7 Techniques to inspire Trust and Ownership in any team

What any leading software organization want ? Happy and Satisfied customers.

How to make them happy ? By rapidly delivering innovative products and services with quality which will make them feel good.

How to deliver great software ? By building teams of motivated people who discuss and share ideas with each other and have common purpose.

How to build super awesome team ? By helping them to identify common purpose, trust and collective ownership.

To build common purpose, trust and ownership within team, Join our session to know 7 techniques to build culture which inspires this.

In this session we will share ideas based on our experience in Product and Services organizations. Our session shares working techniques we tried in our day to day work with success.

This session will help audience beyond buzzwords to transform way teams rapidly deliver working software and delight customers by taking ownership. Session also shares practical tips and techniques for inspiring trust and ownership in any team.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • Why Trust and Ownership is Important?
  • 7 simple techniques to inspire Trust and Ownership in any team
    • Decision Filters for building Trust
    • Purpose Alignment - Sell the Vision
    • Don't give answers
    • Macro-Leadership cube
    • Ambiguity is reality
    • Metrics Walls
    • It is You !!
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

You will get to know about

  • Why Trust and Ownership is important
  • 7 simple techniques to inspire Trust and Ownership in any team
  • Practical examples of these techniques we have tried.
  • Challenges and solutions for implementing these techniques .

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Management, Leader at any level

Prerequisites for Attendees

Come with open mind to understand practical techniques to inspire Trust and Ownership in any team.

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