This session will provide Persistent Systems view on DevOps which includes the fundamentals of Continual Integration, Continual Testing, Continual Deployment and Continual Learning. An important aspect of every Lean journey is the mindset of people which would be detailed out here. A case study covering the DevOps transformation journey of one of the programs in the organization will be covered here. The audience would be walked through the challenges faced and the program’s exploratory journey leveraging Lean principles. This session would also cover how the lean culture is practiced and promoted at Persistent.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

2 mins: Introduction (Speaker and Topic)

10 mins: Persistent Point of View on DevOps

15-20 mins: Case study of a program at Persistent

10-15 mins: Organizational Initiatives undertaken for bringing in the Mindset

3 mins: Conclusion and any Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants attending this talk will be able to grasp a quick overview on DevOps. They will also be walked through a practical implementation of a DevOps journey for one of the programs within Persistent. They will also get to know about some organizational level activities which can be started to bring in the right mindset of people.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Release Managers, Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Hands-on Agile Implementation.

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