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    Behavior Driven Development - Creating a Robust Mobile Test Framework using Appium, Cucumber-JVM & Page Objects

    Shankar Garg
    Shankar Garg
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    For teams developing & maintaining mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms, functional testing is a huge challenge. With the advent of Agile practices, behavior driven testing has gained more popularity. The current process of updating apps over the air is very easy, raising users’ expectations of new features delivered sooner.

    Appium has made it easier for teams to test their apps for multiple platforms. However, it alone cannot solve the challenges around implementing behavior driven development & frequent UI/functionality updates. So we created a robust Test Framework combining the best features of Appium, Cucumber-jvm & Page Objects.

    Cucumber-jvm is a key tool in implementing BDD. Page Objects is a framework design approach for maintaining & accessing components & controls spread across test scenarios. Appium provides a JSON bridge that allows test cases to be written once, and run for multiple mobile platforms. Integrating the powerful features of these 3 tools, we can create a powerful framework that is easy to setup, use, scale and maintain.

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