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    -The Sprint Planning meeting is just too long and never finishes on time.

    -I finished my tasks on time, the story couldn’t be completed as there was a dependency on him. I just didn’t have time to follow it up. Not my fault.

    -Yet again, there are left over items in the sprint. We couldn’t finish all the committed stories as some of them were too complex for their correct effort complexity estimation.

    -Ohh Gosh, once again the priority of the tasks have changed in the middle of the sprint, there are new urgent items that have to be done. My sprint commitments have gone for a toss.

    -We moved to Agile from waterfall and it has been few sprints into it, though even here vision is unclear, requirements are evolving and our sprint commitments are failing. Velocity is just been a number, Burn down graphs conclude nothing concrete and useful.

    -How do we cater support/maintenance work with Scrum?

    Does any of the above statement sound familiar to you, if yes probably it is the time to evolve and adopt KanScrumBan wrapped around XP practices.

    KanScrumBan is the combination of Kanban and Scrum and uses the best features of both. While Scrum framework helps the software development teams to self-organize, collaborate, improve efficiency constantly, work in small iterations, and avoid management overhead, applying lean methods like Kanban , flavored with XP practices can extend these benefits.

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