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    Becoming Agile : Get back to first principles first

    Rishi Srivastav
    Rishi Srivastav
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    Talks about partial successes with Agile implementations. We have become iterative for sure and there is a definite sense of cadence. But concept to cash lead times are still quite high. A sense of dogma has crept in the rituals, they happen, but there is little soul.Team members are still quite stressed out; We have avoided the famous waterfall death march for sure but it is still a very tiring and painful long march.  Organisations doesn't feel that they have reaped all the benefits which were promised. There is just a handful of companies who seem to be living the values and are  really nimble in the market place. What went wrong?

    Our focus on people, value, flow and quality instead of process,tools, cost, schedule and scope, got the attention but did not get internalised by all. So while we are adopting “Agile” methods we have not become “agile” yet.

    There is a need to get back to first principles. There is a need to explain knowledge workers on the ground “Why” the principles work. Leaders need to do more than just support the change, they need to know, behave and do the right things. Lastly people do need to learn and love their craft. Yes, it is about money but is it also about autonomy, mastery and purpose.

    The session takes through key concepts around people, business value, product development flow and quality via fast feedback, and invokes people to understand and let their team understand the basic principles  first to lay a strong foundation, before building an Agile enterprise on top of it. It is only then the “real transformation” happens and the products get in front of the end users faster.

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