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    It's not an Agile Story

    Karthik Kamal Balasubramaniam
    Karthik Kamal Balasubramaniam
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    Having worked with multiple Agile teams, I realize that most problems the teams have to deal with are often related to issues that are beyond the scope of any Agile framework. These issues are often related to people and the surrounding eco-system. The success of any Agile implementation is largely dependent on this H(uman)-factor which is intrinsic to any team/organization. This H-factor has always been a pandora's box, that we would like to avoid owing to  the amount of complexity and the uncertainty involved.

    Here is my humble effort to try and identify few common traits that I have observed with people across Agile teams and organizations. The idea here is not to stereotype people, but to present an approach/strategy to accommodate different kinds of people in an Agile eco-system.

    The objective of the session is to have some scientific vigour to our people processes and be aware of our current status quo.


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