Business Agility: What does it mean for IT

Business Agility is much talked about concept in the business circles. At the beginning of it, the concept was championed by a number of startups, enabled by their IT teams, that were able to leverage technology to launch products at a much faster rate. Also, with the changing business environment, business agility has become a necessity and a most of the traditional businesses are trying to embrace it. As a result, the existing IT teams are under tremendous pressure to do something drastically different.
In this talk, Nitin will share his experience of working with a number of established businesses and helping the IT team to enable Business Agility.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this session we will try to understand the meaning of Business Agility and its relationship with IT. We will then talk about my expierence of working with IT teams and helping them enable business agility for theor business.

Learning Outcome

The key take away will be an understanding of business agility and how in certain organizations, the IT teams are enabling business agility.

Target Audience

CIO, Head of Engineering/Development, Anyone leading a programme to enable business agility,

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