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    Executing Large Distributed Projects using Agile Methodologies

    Nitin Dhall
    Nitin Dhall
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins
    Experience Report
    The first read through Agile Principles and practices gives an impression that Agile is suited for smaller, co-located projects. A deeper thought around the agile principles, imbibing the principles and then trying to push the boundaries by trying to use agile principles and practices on larger distributed projects can eventually lead to amazing results, but the path is not well paved and has a number of pit falls.
    For anyone trying to use Agile on a large distributed project, it is important to understand the pit falls and what might succeed. In this talk, Nitin will be sharing his experience and learnings of leading multiple distributed agile projects with team sizes ranging from 30 to 220 members, over the last 5 years. This is must attend talk for anyone trying to use agile on large distributed projects.
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