In today's fast-progressing world change is the only constant.

Products and product lines are constantly impacted by change and need to either anticipate or adapt to change in real time.

PMO plays a crucial role in the fast changing environment to ensure value driven and best quality of deliverables.

This talk focusses on sharing experiences around implementing principles of Agility in Program and Product Management Office in large organizations which in term enables the PMO to focus on value-based delivery. Agility in PMO also enables the PMO to play a pivotal role in the Agile transformation of business and business lines.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Proposed structure of the session:

  • Why Agility in the PMO
  • PMO at scale - challenges, areas of opportunity
  • Agile principles - Customer-focus, Transparency, Working systems
  • Roles definitions , requirements
  • Best practices of scaling up PMO
  • Planning a transition - timelines, business challenges

Learning Outcome

Anticipated learning outcome is with respect to PMO as an organizational construct and how imbibing Agility will help amplify the existence and value-add from PMO.

The talk will appraise the attendees on the best practices to implement Agile principles and also the anti-patterns to avoid.

Target Audience

Target audience is C-suite executives, directors, product and program management and agile coaches.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile-Scrums based product development.

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