Agile Coaching: Breaking the #SuperHeroCulture in teams and organizations

A Team is a "complex human system" comprising of good number of individual "components" - people with various skills. Each of these components need to be well oiled and needs to contribute towards achieving the true agility and stay relevant, competitive and alive. It's not the “best individually performing component(s)” that can take the team and organisation towards agility. These "Super-Heroes" will lead to local optimisation and eventually, an overall disaster or death for an organisation. So, we do not need super-heroes working in silos.

Rather, we need all the components to work together and collaborate. For instance, even a small software delivery team needs a bunch of skilled individuals can work with others effectively and collaboratively, and that one inspiring leader who can coach them “we” over “me” mindset. Real Agile teams are great teams outperforming themselves every time.

In this brief talk titled "Agile Coaching: Breaking the #SuperHeroCulture", we will be exploring some aspects of a truly Agile team and organisations, and what “ingredients” can make them outperform themselves. The super-hero culture needs to go away for organisations to survive in the complex business environment.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • What is Agility? ("Being Agile" and the Agile Mind-set)
  • What makes a team or an organisation truly Agile
  • Agile Team or Organization: A Complex Human System
  • Systems Thinking: A Wholistic View of a Team or an Organization
  • An team or an organisation needs to be a well-oiled machinery and all components must collaborate.
  • How the Super-Hero culture (e.g. working in silos) is not a healthy sign and can eventually lead to an organisation's pre-mature death.
  • Exploring ways to avoid or end the super-hero culture

Learning Outcome

At the end of this session, the participants will be able to:

  1. Explain clearly what makes a team or an organisation truly agile.
  2. Appreciate the super-hero culture ("silo" mentality) as a major hindrance towards growth of business in today's complex world
  3. Explore ways to avoid or end the super-hero culture

Target Audience

Organisational Change Agents, Business Leaders, Agile Coaches, Managers, Senior Executives, Department Heads, Human Resource Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Session pre-requisite: None.

The participants must come with an open mind to unlearn and learn.

Basic awareness on Agile Concepts will be great.

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