SCRUM for Infrastructure Management

SCRUM for Infrastructure Management



Outline/Structure of the Talk

Let's Implement Scrum in Infrastructure Management Team.

What i feel is Infrastructure Management Support team is hesitant to opt the Scrum as they feel this is only for Software Development and this can't be implemented for their team.

I want to share how Scrum can be used in Infrastructure Management Team as well.

- I will tell Stories and give Example.

- I will share the Details their Day to Day activities.

- Continuous Improvement Plan

- How to fix conflicts.

- Ideas for making Scrum in Easy way.

Learning Outcome

- Team will be able to understand the Scrum .

- How to deal with Problem/Conflicts

Target Audience

-Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Project Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile Methodologies

Team Management

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