Using systems thinking to plan and design an agile transformation journey

Systems are all around us. We exist as a part of one or more systems and interact with multiple systems every day.

How do we identify a system and why is it imperative for us to understand the systems around us?

How can we differentiate between a collection and a system?

When it comes to transformation in the way of working, the stakes are high. The organisation needs to be visualized as a dynamic system with interactions between the different elements.

This session helps you in taking the first step towards becoming ‘System-Wise’. We shall see the basics of system thinking and how its application to design of an agile transformation journey can create a positive impact.

Systems Thinking has been said to be one of the most important management competencies of the 21st century.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

After a brief introduction to the speaker, This would be followed by a discussion based and interactive introduction to a system and system thinking. Next the system diversity from the structure and behavior perspective is explored.

Two system thinking tools: Causal loop and Behavior over time graphs and the concept of leverage point will be explained.

After this the teams would be facilitated to design an agile transformation journey. The teams present their work and debrief.

Learning Outcome

  1. What is a system and how to identify a system?
  2. What is systems thinking and why it is important?
  3. What are the different kinds of system and why should we know them?
  4. Understanding the leverage points
  5. What to keep in mind while designing an effective agile transformation strategy? When to Zoom out, when to Zoom in?
  6. An example of an effective agile transformation strategy, designed using systems thinking

Target Audience

Suitable for agile coaches and leaders responsible for leading the transformation journey

Prerequisites for Attendees

A receptive mindset:)

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