PRODUCT ROADMAPS - Set Direction for Success

Most of the time creating a roadmap is painful work for product owners. Our stakeholders want clarity on what features product will deliver and at what dates? There is less focus on what is customer need and what is a vision of the product?
This workshop will engage each participant and they will work together to understand how to focus on outcomes rather output in developing a product roadmap and how to set a clear direction.


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

- Set the stage - An introduction of the product roadmap and let participants know what is crucial in developing product roadmap. It would be an interactive discussion
- A case would be given to participants to engage and explore product vision. Now there could be many ways to achieve a product vision. We have a habit to directly jump on a solution to a customer problem and start focusing on features. This workshop will assist how a participant can engage customers and other stakeholders to get product vision and customer themes.

Here is the detailed insight of the session:

I will put product requirements as a customer, and the workshop teams will discuss and come up with a:
-Key customer problems
- Business objectives related to key customer problems
- Components of a Roadmap
- Challenges of keeping Product Roadmap up to date with:
changing Business Situations & Objectives,
external Pressures,
and with special requests
- How to respond to the evolving situations in revising Roadmap

1. In teams, different roles will be identified, few will belong to the product team, and others will take part as different stakeholders. Product Team will gather inputs from stakeholders.
2. Different Case Studies will be given to different teams
3. I will be around to observe and to provide clarification whenever needed.

4. Once I see that product Roadmap is about to finish by groups, I will put the situation of changed Business Goals and will request them to update Product Roadmap. Here I will give an idea, where and how Product Roadmap components needs have to be changed. I will invite a small discussion about the impact of changes to product roadmap and the release plan.

One of the representatives will be invited to share how they come up with vision, key customer problems, product roadmap, and finally roadmap. Also, how they responded and reflected changed Business Situations in the Product Roadmap.

In closing, I will summarize to communicate how a roadmap can get customers excited about product direction.
Here is the tentative time breakup:
- Initial Discussion to understand audience and give them an idea to go ahead with case study: 15 MInutes
- Team Formation and Case Study Discussion with stakeholders and Roadmap Development: 45 Minutes
- Teams Presentation: 20 Minutes
- Summary of Product Vision and Roadmap Including final Q&A : 10 Minutes

Learning Outcome

- Does Product Roadmap equal to release plan or project plan?
- What are the critical components of a Roadmap?
- Do customer needs equal to features?
- Is there any template to create product roadmap?

- How to respond to changing business situations for the Product Roadmap

Target Audience

product managers, product owners, Development team members, Business Doers, transformation consultants

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