Conflict Management - The Elephant in the Room


You are into a 2-week sprint. There are high energies on the floor....important MVP to be delivered at the end of a sprint. 2 team members pick up a massive fight, and not ready to work together!!!


You are going to work with a performing team. At the onset, all looks calm and settled... but when you come closer you realize there are gangs formed within the teams. The team is working just enough to avoid any escalation but can do much more.

The topic I will cover is conflict management and how servant leaders work towards resolving conflicts.

In this session, I will cover strategies and techniques to identify early signs of conflict and have it resolved and significance of conflict resolution early in the agile world, so that we don't land into situation one give above... I will also talk about different stages of conflict management and how to handle situations if you land in one, to ensure that some common grounds can be reached to clear the air or subside the difference to become high performing team from just performing team.

I will bring to the table, proven techniques, strategies, case studies and my own experiences.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

I will start with some conflict situations as outlayed in the abstract as well. I will then talk about the concept of conflict management and resolution techniques.

I may show a video or two, or refer to a case study on charts and then ask the audience on their thoughts. In between I will be posting questions to the audience for their opinion to ensure that my session is engaging and it keeps the audiences on their toes.

I will be using few slides when I talk about the techniques and strategies.

I will also share my experiences on conflict management and how I was called escalation management specialist in my previous few roles.

I will close my session with a food for thought/ small exercise that they can do whenever they face a conflicting situation.

Learning Outcome

How to handle conflict management, develop high performing teams and better client management

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Iteration Managers, Program/Project Managers, Senior managers, Leaders, practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Preferably basic knowledge of agile and team management. Not mandatory

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