Bringing in Mindset and Culture to Build an Agile workplace - How to do it?

Mindset and Culture change is at the core of agile adoption. While we all know it’s importance, there is no single approach or process to make this change happen.

We have embarked on a mindset transformation Journey at our workplace.

In my session I will cover pragmatic approach of bringing in mindset and culture change. An approach which we are adopting in our workplace and seeing the change resulting in multifold benefits.

You will learn Echo system of Mindset, Culture and Behaviors and leave the session with multiple ideas and an insights on how to make cultural and mindset shift in your organization.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Gain Deep understanding of Echo system of Mindset, Culture and Behaviors
  • Honest indicators of change – How to identify
  • Enabling behavioral change – A Practical and proven approach
  • Mindset transformation journey - How we are doing this on the ground, making a little impact everyday

Learning Outcome

  • Mapping of mindset, culture, behaviors and habits
  • Learn Practical and proven approach to address mindset and culture change
  • Key enablers for mindset and culture change -What you need in order to make this effective
  • Example from experience where this approach has been implemented

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile and DevOps Coaches, Product Owners, Product Managers, Designers, Developers and testers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

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  • Sanjay Kumar
    By Sanjay Kumar  ~  1 year ago
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    I like these aspects of the submission, and they should be retained:

    • Topic and overall content

    I think the submission could be improved by:

    • Reducing text on some of the slides - remove or replace long sentences with phrases
    • Include some short activities - individual thinking or discussion at the table
    • Nitin Mittal
      By Nitin Mittal  ~  1 year ago
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      Thanks for your review comments. I am glad you like the overall topic and agenda. I had presented this in a recent conference and during the break participants spoke about their experiences and how they could related this topic to their organization journey.

      Agree that some of the text can be replaced with some graphics or tag lines.

      For activity part, in general my style of presentation is where I ask participants about their opinion, what they think about a word/topic etc before explaining to them. This encourages lot of conversation during the session.

      Considering it's only for 45 mins, including activity of 10-15 mins may be challenging. However I would give enough time for participants to talk about their ideas/implementations/thoughts/challenges for each behavior during the session. 

      • Peter Stevens
        By Peter Stevens  ~  1 year ago
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        I agree with Sanjay, I like the content. Remember though, a gathering is big, with four or five rows of tables. How can you ensure that people in the last row will be able to interpret and understand your slides?

      • Sanjay Kumar
        By Sanjay Kumar  ~  1 year ago
        reply Reply

        Thanks for quick clarification.

        I meant short 5 min activity, but if you are planning to engage audience through questions and their experience sharing, it is perfectly fine.